Friday, March 30, 2012

Spring Break

Spring Break had come this past week.  It was a week of very little schedule which was so very nice.  We have had summer like weather all week.  The kids have gotten plenty of time to play and be outside.

Brianna even had some time to do some crafts which she loves as much as I do.

A little time to stop and smell the flowers.  They smell so good!

A time for a boy to run and stretch his legs.  I think we all needed this week.  It always takes us a little bit to adjust being all together but once we do it feels so good.

A highlight of the week was going to the Sand Dunes.  I took a lot of photos there so hoping to do some editing to have some posted on Sunday!

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Tammi said...

Love all the pics Teri. You're so great at capturing the details!

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