Sunday, March 18, 2012

The Hard Questions

Years ago when we started the adoption process I read a lot of adoption books. Any that I could get in my hands.  They all had said around the age of five kids start asking more adoption questions.  Adoption has always been an open topic at our house and always will.  Tonight at bedtime I said prayers with Andy and the questions started. I always pray for his birth parents, for their hearts and health.  Tonight he asked if I knew their names. When I said I didn't he said he would ask Daddy.  I told him Dad didn't know either but that I believed that God knows them and if we pray to him he will know who they are.  To this Andy replied that God could not see them because of course it is dark outside.  Kids and their thoughts. One day this will not suffice his thinking on his Chinese parents but for tonight it was enough. 

Ni Hao Yall


Trish in New Orleans said...

wow. Andy looks great! Henry has so much more scarring because of that botched lip repair in China. You know, Teri, I've always wondered if it might not be possible to track our boys' birth families, because of where they came from, and the obvious reason for abandonment. Have you ever thought about it?

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