Friday, March 16, 2012

Outside the place to be

Outside was the place to be this week. The weather is amazing. A little too dry for this time of year but amazing. 

We planted a few more things this week. Some radishes and watermelon. Yes I know we are in  the Colorado mountains but maybe if we are lucky that watermelon will grow in the greenhouse. Andy and I are hoping so!

Always work to be done.

Not a good shot of the peas but never the less they are up!

the long road


Gina Kleinworth said...

How fun! I love gardening with the kids- it's great for the whole family to do those things together!

ericaceae said...

I'm a big fan of just planting things to see if they grow. There is very little to lose by trying. I hope your watermelons grow!

Crunchy Momma said...

Your kids look like they are having a good time. The watermelong might grow but make sure that they can get pollinated once you see flowers or you won't get any fruit. If bees can't get in their, you may have to play the pollinator with a small painting brush.

Anke said...

I love this time of year when we can spend most of our time outside. Good luck with the watermelons!

Heather said...

We plant sugar baby watermelon here in Maine, and they grow pretty well. The short coolish growing season isn't great for the larger ones :-) I think you can also plant them in a pot, one of those self watering ones with the black plastic over the top will help to keep the soil warm. Good luck!

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