Saturday, May 19, 2012

It is almost time for some lettuce and spinach at our house.  I am hoping this happens before the heat really sets in. Soon I think our menu will be filled with salads everyday!

This is the first year the spinach has ever really done anything for me. I think all the rain has done its job!

Although I have worked in the garden this week it has also been time to get some flowers started.  I love them and all their colors.

Some new perennials were in order to make life a little simpler and more beautiful in the years to come.

As the days go by the greenhouse is emptying  out.  The broccoli went out tonight. I don't think it is too happy yet.

Following Saturday Garden Journal with Ginny.


Lisa said...

Isn't it wonderful when the lettuces are ready to pick and eat? We've been enjoying ours for a couple weeks now, but nothing else yet. The garden is still so young as the season is early here in the Pacific NW. Happy gardening!


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