Saturday, May 12, 2012

Saturday Garden Journal

The very first crop to pull from our garden was the radishes.  I would not say these rate as my kids least favorite but in salad they seem to not even notice!

The Strawberries have a lot of flowers this year.  I can't wait to taste some, although I have to say I rarely saw one last year. As soon as it produced some little person had it in their mouth!

Most of the tomatoes from the greenhouse are in their new homes.  However some are not looking so well so they will stay in side for awhile.

The watermelon has some flowers that are almost ready to open! We can't wait:)

A tomatoes happily tucked away in its new home.  Tomatoes are my personal favorite from the garden.  How about a tomato and basil panini anyone?

The potatoes have come up also in the past two weeks.  I love seeing what is new each day.

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