Thursday, May 3, 2012

Favorite Friday Photo

It is that time of year that I can hardly find the days on my calendar.  It is a really crazy time of year.  However, this month I am taking an amazing photo class from Lisa called Push Past your Comfort Zone.  It has been so much fun to meet other women who share my passion of photography as we push each other to be better.  I received  the gift of  time to spend with my nieces and let them be my little models for my class.

In my Dad's yard I can't resist the beauty of all that is blooming.

There are those items that remind me of home and my love of space.

One more very sweet niece to love on!

Jump over to Lisa's blog to see all the amazing Favorite Friday Photos.

the long road


Unknown said...

such beauties, all around!

Diane said...

These are beautiful photo's Terri. Amazing how it's only been 3 weeks and we are learning so much from Lisa. I love this class and so happy you and I are classmates:)
God Bless,

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