Friday, September 28, 2012

Favorite Friday Photo-Outside

Fall is pretty much here in Colorado. We haven't had a freeze yet but it will be soon. This bush of flowers blooms for a week each year during the fall.  I love the way it  looks like a purple snowball of flowers. 

This weekend will be filled with some Fall activities.  Think of candied apples, hayrides, and of course soccer games.  I am about to start a six month photography class.  It is like being a kid at Christmas time!!!  For six months I hope to take photos and extend myself to what I thought wasn't possible.   

I will be back Sunday will some fall shots ! Have a great weekend!

Following along with Favorite Friday Photo with Lisa. She will be our photography teach for the next six months so you won't want to miss her is beautiful!


the long road


Gina Kleinworth said...

Oh cool- I am anxious to see how that longer class goes. Please share all about it along the way.

Love these flowers. It's been almost a year since we went to CO. Dying to get back. Loved it there.

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