Friday, September 14, 2012

Favorite Friday Photo- Signs of Fall

Fall is coming it seems.  We actually wore long sleeves and socks this week.  With fall comes my squirrel like behavior.  Canning is a lot of work but I convince myself on those really crazy and busy dark nights of winter it will all pay off.

For some reason I love Ball jars and how pretty they are filled. 

Fall also brings Sept 11th. A day to remember, a day my kids don't remember.  It is something to hear the kids talk about what happened on that day and for my heart to remember how it felt during that time. 

With fall also comes the activities for kids.  Ballet was on the list to start this week.  I have three pretty full classes of girls my two being part of the numbers.   

It is fun to see in the girls that come all their dreams of dancing.  I always hope they remember the fun and the way it makes you feel inside. 

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