Friday, December 14, 2012

Favorite Friday Photo- A little magic from the North Pole

It was time for the annual visit with the man from the North Pole.  This was the first year I can remember that all were willing to sit on his lap and express their wants.  I believe this moment was a talk about wanting "toy bulls" from Santa.  Oh what Santa must have thought! 

The four of my loves. This may be the last year I can convince this to happen. I am not sure next year my  middle school student will do this for Mom.  So it will make it into a frame with our collection of "first" Santa visits. 

I did think Santa was so cute. Check out that
"glitter" on his checks.  He did magic which was fun for the kids to see!

The girl with the biggest heart had many ideas for Santa.  She of course wanted to give him a hug.  Truly a Bri moment! 

The magic of Christmas was upon us this day!

Following along with Favorite Friday Photo with my friend Lisa. Stop by her blog for a beautiful post that you will find touches your hear!


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Tamar SB said...

What a wonderful visit - he looks jolly!

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