Saturday, December 8, 2012

Sunday- Decorating

Kids are funny.  We cut the tree then ran out of time to decorate, but each night they would tell us it needed to be done so it wasn't long until we loaded all that stuff upstairs and they decorated.  I don't know what Andy was looking at but the innocence of this photos is what I love. 

Bri was all about what was pretty and her "girl" ornaments.   

Riley sees the bigger picture in life..oh and those tall branches that needed a little attention.  I know we are getting closer to the 
pre-teen years. I can feel it but for now he is still doing these family nights-without complaints! 

Katie is a slower decorator she is very meticulous.  She spent a lot of time looking through "her" box and eventually got some help from her friends! 

If you know me you would know there are just a couple ballet slippers on our tree. 


Ni Hao Yall


Almond Tea said...

A free cut tree! I can smell it through my monitor :)

Wonderful photos!

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