Friday, December 21, 2012

Favorite Friday Photo-Sugar and Serenity

This week has been full of more Christmas preparations, a trip to the Broadmoor for a buffet, and the end of school.  Brian and I went to the Broadmoor for a work buffet and the beauty of that hotel was gorgeous!  Of course my camera had to go with me a capture a little of it.   

We did have the school parties and I would say some had just a "little" bit too much sugar! 

The Broadmoor was full of gingerbread houses.  It was set up like an old western theme. I haven't gone through all of them but this house was my favorite.   

Our two kindergartners at their party. It looks so calm behind them but believe me pictures can not tell the whole story!

Following along with Lisa on Favorite Friday photo.  She has an amazing blog you won't want to miss and I actually get to meet her in person in April! I am SO excited!


the long road


amy said...

Beautiful pictures Teri!! Sounds like you are enjoying the wonder of Christmas...looking forward to meeting you in April at the workshop! Wishing you a blessed Christmas!

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