Wednesday, May 13, 2015

A walk through April

April brings beauty out my window. On the other hand, Katie found a book so good she could not wait to read a couple pages on her way upstairs.

Crazy hair day for the youngest.  Andy loved wrestling and was proud to show off his new uniform.  Girls and cousins tend to create a whole lot of laugher.

Creations of the month included a gift for my Mom, a mousetrap car, and the start of my garden.

In April we had time to read, go on school field trips, and a very special Girl Scout mother and daughter tea.

My favorite two photos of the month.  A serious First Communion photo shoot could not really be that serious, and friends from thirteen years ago get to spend a weekend together.

Little by little I am making this house a home.  A trip to our first place we called home was what I really needed this month.  More reading time with siblings and an Earth Day project at the library. 

Can I just say I wish I had a whole afternoon to knit and look in this store? Dreaming of a little boy who we so need to come home.  Another package for him that he will soon receive.

A trip to Home Depot to make planters for the upcoming season.  My oldest and I on Junior Honor Society induction night.  Brianna as Rosa Parks for their wax history museum.  How cute she was!

I am late in this post as with most things in my life these days. I miss my blog, but maybe the time will allow me to be here again more often.

May is here and so much is happening, but I can feel summer break right around the corner!


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