Thursday, May 14, 2015

Mother of four..hoping for five

Mother's Day has come and gone.  With it were lots of hidden surprises, homemade cards and flowers that were planted at school.  It was a day that had snow so our usual planting day had to be modified.  I didn't have to cook that day, always a bonus in my world.  These four kids mean the world to me.  They have taught me more than any other adventure in my life.  There are so many days that are not easy and situations when you wonder what really is the best way to parent a situation.  It is a blessing to see them together, the oldest teaching the youngest something new, and the youngest not letting the older grow up too fast.

There was a hole on my lap this year though as we wait for our son to come home.  It has been a long wait and not a lot of information to go on.  I still believe it will happen, but I have to say each Friday at five, when our adoption agency closes, my heart sinks a little with the knowledge that another week has passed with no news.  He will come and I am sure hoping my next Mother's Day photo has one more little face in it.

It would not be right on Mother's Day to not think about the women who gave birth to Andy and Katie.  The price they paid for my happiness and the horrible loss they must feel.  I think of them often but on this day just a little more.



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