Sunday, August 30, 2015

One HUGE step closer to Korea

This past week was huge in our lives.  We found out we are getting very close to going to Korea to meet our son.  The dates are not set yet when we will travel but the preparations have started.  My mind and my heart is filled with so many thoughts, feelings, and a little anxiety.  
We will get to go over and meet him and spend some time playing.  There will be a court date that we will all attend. That may be the anxiety part of my mind!  I imagine that he will find our children more to his liking that Brian and I at first. This is ok as they too have waited a long time.  
There will be heartbreak with this trip. We will have to say goodbye and return to get him some weeks after our first meeting. I think of him then and his little heart leaving all he has known.  There is no way to say it will be easy and my heart aches for all of the emotions of that day.  Adoption is filled with so many sides and perspectives. We will need to bring Luke home and work as a family to create what will be new to us all.  It takes time and patience, but I know with Brian by my side and these kids who so want to help we will be ok.

This trip to Korea is about Mr. Luke but it is also about sweet Katie.  It is our turn to see where she is from and hopefully have a very special meeting for her.  I can tell her mind too is spinning with the thought of going back and learning more about where she is from.  

There is a lot to do now and my "nesting" will start very soon. I am so excited to meet the baby of our family and complete our family! 


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