Monday, August 17, 2015

Traveling to Texas

A recap of our first day of vacation:
-4:00 am leaving time
-Thirteen hours
-Six people lots of opinions

-We had packed a lunch and lots of snacks. There is no telling how much they ate I just them eat until their hearts were happy.
-For those of us older or younger than the teenage years we passed a lot of hours listening to "Little House on the Prairie" books.
-We drove through the most amazing sunflower field.  Mom annoyed everyone by needing photos. I so wish the sun would not have been so high it would have been amazing.
- Temperature was 105 degrees in some parts that we drove though

- San Antonio was our first stop for the night.
-Great Mexican food- I had the "George" special after my first love George Strait:)
-I have to admit I was done with this city before everyone else...
because the beach calls my name and I needed to get there!

Beach photos to come.....


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