Saturday, August 29, 2015

Reflections on the Beach part 2

A final post on our days on the beach.  Being a photographer I had a goal to get a family photo on the beach.  Taking photos of other people's families is very different than my own.  I had taken this photo of the kids a couple of years ago. I wanted to duplicate it as a way of showing our growth that is happening at light speeds before my eyes.

It is a challenge to get a good family photo. When we were done with the formal the fun shots are playing in the water.  I can still hear their laughter that night and just the thrill of soaking their clothes!
I haven't even looked at our formal shot yet because these are the ones I love!

I will move on to fall now, but I will remember these days!

There is big news in our life right now. I will post more about that soon!


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