Sunday, January 3, 2016

Two weeks home

Mr. Luke Jee Seong has been home a little over two weeks.  How our lives have changed.  Our hearts are full with love for Luke.  In so many ways he is doing amazing.  He is very spoiled by his siblings and seems to be always being carried, loved, or played with.  

He has his moments of quietness and sadness. It is hard to see and sometimes it lasts an hour and sometimes a day.  He must miss all the was familiar and those who love him so in Korea.  I loved finding him in the middle of our groceries after a trip to the store.  He was such an adorable helper that day.

Tomorrow our real life starts again. School, sports, acitivites, and homework.  I am hoping schedules feel good and Luke and I create our own little life for the days.

( this photo was an in the moment-not sure he should be up there, but big brother is looking out for him)


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