Tuesday, December 29, 2015

A few favorites of Christmas

A few of my favorite people!  Christmas morning-no makeup- just me as I am in the morning.  Kids in pj's from Christmas Eve.  The most special gifts were ones kids had created themselves this past week.  

All my boys! They outnumber the girls now.  Good thing we have some strong (and stubborn) girls in this family!  

Sister love.  Of course that is a complicated love as all love is in life.  At this point in life these two seem to get along just fine.  They have the same housekeeping standards, love to craft for hours, and are starting to have more of those sister "secrets" than in the past.

We are on our last few days of break. I am not at all ready for all the schedules and running around. Still trying to soak in these last few days of "freedom"!


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