Friday, March 18, 2016


We headed to the lake to take photos of Riley and spend some time exploring.  It was Luke's first time to the lake.  He has plenty of siblings to show him the way.  They spent so much time looking at a fish right below the dock.  Who knew kids from the ages 14 to 3 could find something to talk about for so long as one (sick) fish! 

The five of them.  The five that keep me very busy and bring so much to our life.  Each has their own personality and each their own struggles.  There are times when I find it hard to believe we are here a complete seven of us. 

This little one literally looks up to each of his siblings.  They teach him good and sometimes not so good.  They all love on him and spoil him.  If there ever was a question if he would fit into our family the answer is clear, he was meant to be our baby.

My poor blog needs to be updated to Prichardseven and the photos at the top make me wish my kids were all younger. Seems as though I never have enough time but it is a season of life. For that I am grateful!


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