Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Happy 40th Brian

Happy 40th Birthday! A day of celebrating Brian and grateful for him.   He is what holds us together and is a great father.  We are so blessed to celebrate his 40th with our long time friends.  We have know them longer than we have been parents!
 Brian has many dreams and ideas for the future.  I think the next year will hold some new twists and adventures in his life.  

I meet Brian twenty years ago.  We were young and the world was full of options and opportunities.  I remember the first suit he bought at Joslins.  His life in banking has recently had some complete life circles.  People who gave him a chance at the beginning have come into his life again.  It has been a journey! The kids and I are ready for many more years and adventures with him!

I love you Brian!


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