Saturday, March 26, 2016

Traditions-Dying eggs

We have been on spring break this week.  We have had some outings and spent some time at home.  The warm sunshine and five kids lead to some egg dying outside.  The perfect place for the inevitable spills for some of our younger crew.  

It makes me happy that my older kids are willing to take part with their younger siblings.  When I watch my kids dye eggs is makes me remember dying eggs at my Grandma's as a child.  We always used the same cups at their houses and many times there were cousins with us.  At Grandma's house we could dye eggs just as we saw fit and there never was any worry about messes.
We dyed two dozen eggs, as of this morning most are already eaten!  There is so much snow falling out our window today and it looks like a cold Easter for us. Thankful for sun this week and these five kids!


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