Thursday, April 14, 2016


Andy's favorite reading partner is definitely Brian.  If given a choice this is who he wants to have read with him.  I tend to be a fast reader and think this doesn't always work well as we work together on our reading skills.  I am an avid reader and am always reading at least one book or two. Having a child who needed a little bit more on this subject has been tough.  It has made me see the world in a different way.  I can't say it has not come without tears, frustration, and sometimes feelings of such loss. There are also those moments of sweet success.  For the past three months we have worked on a new reading program.   When I think back to this young man of mine he came home not talking.  Then there was the cleft lip and palette work and finally quit a few years of speech.  As with all things in life and my humanness the game of comparison can creep into our life and home.  It is always my goal to see each kid as who they are. To recognize how far each of them has come in their own life with their strengths and weaknesses.  


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