Friday, April 29, 2016

Oregon Part One

Awhile back my heart started longing for Oregon to see my aunt.  I feel very blessed that it could work out for my sisters and I to make this trip together. Oregon is filled with so much that is beautiful!  

On our first day we visited the Salem carousel. Each of the horses has a special story behind them.  They were each sponsored and have their own stories written. The artwork is hand painted on each horse.

All three of us girls had been to Aunt Billie's at various times in our lives. She has a wonderful place that is filled with books, knitting, and scrapbooks.  A perfect place to be!

We spent the first part of our trip catching up. Talking about some favorite shows that we have watched, books we have read, and sharing about our families and lives back in Colorado.

The next day we headed to the coast.  My heart is in the ocean...more to come of our amazing trip!


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