Saturday, April 30, 2016

Coast Bound Oregon Part III

After some time in Salem we would head to the coast.  It was raining and cold on the first day but we were blessed with sunshine by the second day.  I have decided that for me, rain or shine, the ocean is my favorite place to be.  

It was necessary to wear our winter coats and hats, but our toes must touch the sand.  

My love of photography was electrified with all the sites around me. The stories of these boats, the fishermen we saw, and the sheer hard work it takes to bring in that fresh seafood each day.  

We headed down to see the seals; talk about some loud creatures.  They are only on this part of the coast for certain parts of the year.  There were many quaint little shops around this area.  A few gifts for some of our favorite kids were bought.

I had visited this beach as a little girl then again during my college years.  I came years ago when I was first pregnant and the dreams of being a mom were coming quickly.  My aunt and this beach hold a special place in my heart.

I learned to knit some years ago.  One of my favorite parts of seeing my aunt is our time of knitting and drinking tea.  My sisters and I talked on this night about many different parts of life.  The storm was raging outside and you could smell the salt in the air from the ocean. It really was a perfect night!


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