Thursday, April 6, 2017

Mesa Verde

We spent part of spring break at Mesa Verde.  One of my goals it to take kids on some short trips before some start leaving home.  The park itself had more parts closed than we would have liked but earning our Jr Ranger badges was a highlight.

Oh yes the line up for Mom photo.  They all loved it:)  

This little one was all over the ruins we explored.  He liked the ruins but those puddles of mud were really the best!

In a cave on a hike.  Thinking of all the animals that could live here!

I really love to be outside and explore with the kids.  It does not mean we didn't have our layers of family emotions but makes it all real!

The day went from very cool to a great Colorado spring day.   Thinking of the past and how people lived within the walls in the cliffs.

These two forth graders had just studied Mesa Verde in Colorado history so it made the trip very timely.


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