Monday, October 27, 2008


During Brian's trip to China they had an opportunity to get many pictures of Andrew and his Nanny. Until this point I have kind of kept them away as we have worked on becoming Andy's parents . Of course this may take many years before he completely trusts us, especially me since he seems to resist me more. The other day I felt it was time to take those pictures out and share them with him. I put one of him and his Nanny in a frame and he melted my heart when he saw it. He would point to her and kiss the frame over and over. He also wanted Brian and I to kiss the woman who was his Mom for the first two years of his life. Brian said he felt that this was a completing the circle moment for Andy as he saw her again. So now the frame sits within his reach and he does love to love that picture. I think of her often and the connections we have over this little boy we both so love!


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