Thursday, October 9, 2008

Andy said MAMA!!!

Last night as we were reading books Andy said Mama and has repeated it today so we are calling it the real thing!! My heart melted as we continue to make that Mom and Son bond. He is starting to say a lot and we hear Katie mimicking him! Riley and Brianna said Dada first and Katie and Andy said Mama!! I am thinking once Andy has surgery and his mouth starts to heal we are going to get an earful from him and Katie I believe will follow quickly!


Sharon said...

Oh those are SWEET words!!! Hudson just recently started saying dada (which sounds like yaya).....
Hudson has really started jabbering after being in speech a month....still mostly unintelligible but at least he is making noise!

James, Dawn and Family said...

What an awesome sound "mama" is! I can't wait to hear that same word from Lize. Dawn

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