Monday, February 2, 2009

Kids Crop

As of Jan I started to sell Creative Memories. Even though I have been making scrapbooks forever it seems I have never headed down this road. It is so much fun being able to help others figure out what to do with those millions of pictures on our computers as well as actually making sure that #4 child has books that he is in. I also want to preserve all those highs ( and lows) of our life! In my thought process of doing this Riley and Brianna had one stipulation. They wanted a kids crop so on Sat we did just that. Riley I have to say sat there the full 3 hours and barely moved just worked so hard. Brianna did very well also and has her own "style":). It is always so much fun to just have one of the "sets" of our kids and explore what the different age levels need. I like these days as these months fly by and I know one day I will not be so "cool" to hang out with!


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