Thursday, February 19, 2009

Speech and other Subjects

We have found out that both Andy and Katie qualify for speech therapy that will eventually move to the preschool. For Andy the reasons are from his cleft and he wants to talk and says so much already that once he learns to work on those sounds our ears will be full. As for Miss Katie her speech delay maybe a result of me and my little friends knowing what she wants without making her work on words. So a little help will do Katie and the rest of us some good.

Potty training is so different with two. It is fun to sit together and rejoice over each other little accomplishments. When a treat is only handed to the productive one the game becomes not so much fun! They are funny on their little potties as they fight over the same book and basically keep busy doing who knows what???

Andy will go back to the dr on Monday for a check up and a hearing test. He is doing well and I do believe that God gave him a battery that is supercharged. He is such a ham and makes friends wherever we are. Makes these trips to the dr's not so challenging!

No pictures this uncommon for me!!


Sharon said...

Just got done potty training!! Such success!!! Don't know if training two at one time is harder or easier????

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