Monday, February 9, 2009

New Year Celebration

This past weekend we headed to our adoption agency's New Year Celebration. Those are some of my favorite times. To be with families that are like us is always a breath of fresh air. They had wonderful Asian food and lots of families to enjoy the celebration. We got to see some young girls do some traditional Chinese dances. How I wish my girls had access to these kinds of resources! We even got to see Mr Andy use his chop sticks. At home he always wants a fork , but maybe the moment caught him and he used them! It is pretty cute. After the celebration we got to stay with my sister and her family. Cousin time is always a special time. A trip to Bass Pro was on Riley's list of things to do and Andy growled through the whole store. Us girls,well we went along for the ride:) We were all very tired last night. Traveling is truly an adventure.


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