Monday, April 9, 2012

A little more Easter

There was no shortage of photos this Easter.  Out of the many I took this one was my favorite. Brianna is walking our little one year old niece.  I love this photo because I see in Bri what her and I have in common.  She loves babies and wanted more than anything yesterday to take care of our niece.  With all that was going on that is what she wanted.  I can understand Brianna's love of children. 

Brianna and Katie right at a stopping point in the egg hunt.

The boys are all about the sport of egg hunting. They both ran to gather eggs and compare their finds.

See I do exist!  Every once in awhile I have to remember to pass my camera off so my kids can see that I was actually at some of these events!

A pond in a backyard full of gold fish was enough to make this boy sit still for a long time.  He sat and waited for them to come by and bit his finger.

Katie was funny as she did not want to use her Easter basket only a bag would do for her on this Easter!


Gina Kleinworth said...

These are so sweet- so happy to see you made an appearance as well! What a lovely day!

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