Sunday, April 15, 2012

Soccer is Back

We are back in the routine of soccer for Riley this spring. 

As a mother I have put my heels in the ground about how "competitive" a league we are playing on.  After all that means more schedules, practice, and less time to be a family here at home.  However, I have had to adjust and embrace that we now have a bigger kid who wants to play just a little more competitively.  So this spring we let Riley play on this team with more practices and games in town.

I get it as I remember wanting to dance more and move on in the ballet world. 

Of course that means taking everyone along but it looks as they too have adjusted!

I have to say I love to watch him play on that "big" field!  Maybe in the end it is just hard for Mom to watch him grow up!

These are taken with my Canon 60d and a 70-200 lens. 

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Tammi said...

Love the action pics, Teri!

Gina Kleinworth said...

What FUN!!!! These are awesome action shots!

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