Sunday, April 8, 2012

Happy Easter-Sunday Snapshot

Happy Easter! We hope it is a day of love and beauty for you. 
Love the Prichards 

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                                   I am linking up with Stephanie for Sunday Snapshop.

                          My tulip photo was taken with my Canon Eos D60
                                 F-stop 2.4, ISO 500 and Shutter 1/4080


Unknown said...

Tulips are one of my favorites! I Love the yellow one, I always get red ones for Valentines, but the Yellow looks so springy! LOVE it.

Unknown said...

Lovely shot of the tulip!

Happy Easter.

Stefanie said...

Nice job, Teri!
And Happy Easter :)

No Greater Love said...

That is a beautiful picture! Tulips are my favorite!

Tammi said...

Beautiful Teri! Love the tulip. You are so great at flower and nature photos!

Gina Kleinworth said...

Looks like a very Happy Easter!!!!

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