Friday, June 8, 2012

Love her

Photography has changed my life.  It has made me see the world differently but it has also give me something else.  It has given me a little bit of one on one time with children I love.  From my own to my nieces and nephew.  I get to take them on little walks and photograph them as they just be themselves. It creates such precious memories for me.

A little time in the woods with Railyn was fun as she chatted away!

It was a little chilly on this walk but she was such a big three year old!

A little serious time for Railyn and her very special baby!

What a fun time we had Miss Railyn!

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the long road


EMily said...

Love the one with her hands in her pocket...cute!!

Mary Gene Atwood said...

Nice shots. Really love the bokeh in the second shot. Girl and her dolly is so sweet! Joining you from Photo Friday.

Gina Kleinworth said...

She is so darling!!!!!! What a blessing to have her in your life.

Unknown said...

What fantastic shots! I love your black and white conversion. I also love love love your daughters name! It's so beautiful and different!

{Shannon} said...

She is just precious!! And I love that name! I have to agree with you on the photography thing, for sure! I'm so glad I started blogging again. It has a way of MAKING me get out and take more photos :-) Enjoyed your post as always....

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