Saturday, June 16, 2012

Sunday Snapshot- Day Camp

 This week would start with a search for "old" Girl Scout camping gear. Brianna took a lot of what I had used when I went to day camp. She would spend three days hiking, flag ceremonies, crafts, and many Girl Scout activities.  She loved it all and it has only been today that she has shown how tired she really is.  Her stories brought back so many memories for me.  In a world that changes in a second it was fun to see that there are still activities that are the same. Just good old plain simple fun.

They would keep a journal each night about all they did in the day.  How fun was that to read.  I understand that in the future years photographing a journal will be plain and simply wrong but for now who could resist!

This first photo was taken with my Canon d60. I just received a new 35mm lens and couldn't wait to try it out:)
ISO 100
1/780 shutter
f 2.0

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Ni Hao Yall


abrianna said...

I like the pink paint or marker splotches on the arm.

She looks tired in that second photo.

Tammi said...

So cute! I love these, especially the top picture. Great job!!

Diane said...

She is doing a great job on her how you captured the colors in your first photo. Glad you like your 35mm:)
Have a wonderful week!
God Bless,

Stefanie said...

So exciting that you got a new lens :)
Sweet pictures - love that you captured her journal!

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