Saturday, June 16, 2012

Saturday Garden Journal

It seems the plants in my garden are starting to grow more each day.  This is the first year my lavender has been so full and beautiful.  My to do list includes making lavender shortbread cookies. 

My peas have just started to have flowers on them.  However, I am hoping the heat will not prevent them from producing at least some.  We are so very dry here and praying for rain daily.

Blackberries anyone? I can't wait! The plants are full of flowers and I can't wait to go and pick them. Just need to make sure I beat the bears to them.

Of course I had to post one of my flowers. 

Very soon we will be eating tomatoes.  I don't have a lot of flowers on my plants so hoping some set on soon.

I am joining Ginny at Saturday Garden Journal


MamaWestWind said...

Lovely pics! I recently made some lavender cookies, they were so good! I'm a big fan of lavender. Here's our update. I'm visiting from Small Things.

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