Friday, December 11, 2015

Almost time....

The time is almost here to fly back to Korea.  I am excited to go back.  I am excited to bring Luke home.  I am excited to complete our family at five children and two very outnumbered parents.  It will not be an easy journey. It is a fast trip and the truth is we are going to upset our little boys' life for awhile.  Time, trust, patience, and a bunch of siblings to play with should help.  I have been thinking so much about his foster Mom.  How she must feel after having him for so long with her.  How hard the word goodbye is in so many parts of life.  Riley will be joining me for this adventure.  I know he is ready to help me with his little brother.  It wasn't easy telling the rest who we had chosen to go.  There were tears shed over that decision that Brian and I made.  I can say the child who cried the hardest about not being able to go is the same who helped me pack his clothes tonight.  She is also the one who wondered if she can help with his first bath in our home and pick out his pj's.  It is all going to be okay once the fog of jet lag ends and hopefully Christmas gets at least mostly finished:)  We have waited two years for this and I know when we see him they will just slip away into the background.  


Unknown said...

My prayers go with you on this journey. What a lucky little guy to be chosen by you to be part of your wonderful family. I look forward to meeting him. Prays, too, for his foster mom who loved and nurtured him.

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