Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Home for a Week

A week ago today we came home from Korea with this little man.  Since then our lives have not been the same!

Each child in this house believes the best new play buddy has arrived just in time for Christmas!  I would say that each child has done very well with the adjustment that has happened in our lives!

He is so very loved and seems to fit right in. We made a gingerbread house and there was no way he would not be part of all the action.

As with any adoption loss is part of what a child must go through.  We have seen it come and go in phases.  Brianna has become his second Mom for sure.  He is often found in her arms!  I am thinking at his 37 lbs she is getting some strong arms!

Little by little Luke Jee Seong is meeting people that are going to be part of his world. We are taking this slow but letting his world expand a little at at time.  Grandma and him have had some getting to know you times.

I can't believe it is almost Christmas.  I am as ready as I am going to get minus our card which is in the works.  In some ways, me being gone, has made it a simpler holiday and I am more than ok with that.  My Christmas gift is here and he is stealing my heart!  To have him to kiss and hold is more than I could have ever asked for!


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