Thursday, December 24, 2015

Time for Gingerbread!

As we adjust to five kids I decided we would decorate a gingerbread house this week.  There are plenty of leaders in our
house now, so I really had to just clean up the mess and keep a few of the design disagreements to a minimal.  

Luke was happy to play with some silly play dough like substance that Brianna had made.  It kept his little hands out of the bigger kids project.

I love these days of break. No schedules no running around just being together.  I have noticed I haven't even filled the van up with gasoline for quit awhile. That is a good sign of good family time happening!

We are getting ready to start the Christmas activities with mass this evening.  This will be Luke's first time at church so we will see how that goes. Then time to get ready for the man of the hour! They were still writing lists to Santa this morning??? Not sure what to think about that???


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