Monday, September 5, 2016

Texas Reflections Part II

On the verge of high school for this son.  Looking out on an ocean that was relatively quiet this time.  His Dad took him and some of the others deep sea fishing this time.  More than likely the highlight of his trip. This boy loves a fishing pole in his hands.

Our days on the ocean are not complicated.  I run each day and then we all go out for the morning.  Lunch is back in our condo and a little down time out of the sun for bit.  The afternoons are filled with building sandcastles and hanging out in the waves. Time for dinner and then hopefully time for the beach after the sun starts setting.  

It was Mr Luke's first time at the ocean.  He seemed to like it even though he asked me to turn off the waves! We found a baby pool in our condo and it proved to be so much fun for him in the ocean.  

As our kids get older their lives are starting to move in opposite directions.  It feels good to have connection between them during these trips.  I am thankful for these moments.


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