Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Simply Amazing at Four

This little man turned four yesterday.  His weekend was filled with lots of cousins and a party.  This sweet little cousin and him are pretty good friends.  I love to listen to them chatter together.  A slumber party sounded like a great idea on the night before the party.  However, it did have to end as they really needed sleep before the next day.

He asked my sister for a Lego cake and his wish came true.  He was so cute on this day.  His first party home.  My heart ached last year as we missed another birthday. This years party made up for that pain. 

Clearly at four he is all boy.  I am sure those boots like all the rest around here don't smell that good?

He is blessed with a big sister that was all into decorating. A skill set that his mother does not own.

Always thoughts on this day of his birth mom.  Wish she could know how happy he is.  We talk about her daily.  I wish I could hug her and she hug him.  I will forever struggle with how my greatest joy come from the pain of another woman.  May she know at four he is simply amazing.


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