Sunday, September 4, 2016

Texas Reflections Part One

It has been a month since we were in Texas. Feels like a very long time ago.  So much has happened in the last four weeks.  Thank goodness for photos that bring back all the memories. Trips to Texas start at 4 am. The kids climb in half a sleep in their pajamas.  I love that a lot of our driving is done before anyone is completely awake.  
Thirteen hours of driving the first day and we were all ready to stop.  The kids did really well on this trip and it seemed that audio books saved us this year. As I looked back at the kids it seemed to be a sea of earphones. Both a sign of the times as well as the ages of my kids.

The second day we finally made it to the beach. The first place they asked to go was to the gift shop. With a small amount of money for each of them the fun began. I can only say I used to like to shop but that is clearly not the case anymore!

Clearly the ride and the beach are very tiring.  Not sure how but many ended up in our bed.  I have always wondered who bought those loud colors to paint and now I clearly know:)


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