Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Connections and Loss

In these last few months there has been some loss in my life.  There have been different levels of loss for me and with it those times of reconnecting with family and friends. It always makes me think about how at times of grief meeting up with loved ones invariably follows.  A chance to take a photo of my mom and I with our two sisters.  Families of three girls for two generations.
My Dad comes from a large family. A fact that is close to my own personal heart.  I have learned a lot from these Aunts and Uncle about who I am and who I am always striving to be.

Another loss was a person that I was very close to in my early adult years. In some ways it has taken me back in time remembering those days and reconnecting with people that are good for me.  I sometimes wish we would say all those wonderful things about a person during their life that we say at their memorial services.  That is a lesson I need to work on as we get caught up in days that are filled to the brim with busyness.


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