Saturday, July 19, 2008

Calm Weekend

It is a rather calm weekend here at the Prichards. Brian took the big two kids camping for some much needed "big" kid time. They seemed to have a great time even though it rained some. Brianna, like her mother, wanted to take a shower when she first got home, and Riley, like his Dad, did not! As for Andy, Katie and I we fared well by ourselves. Andy even let me comfort him last night when we was awakened by our dog. What a sweet moment to thank God for the son who was sleeping on my shoulder. He is coming around for me and has taken the role of baby on in our house. Strange to have two the same age and one I do believe will truly be the baby. We still struggle with the taking care of 4 but I am hoping each day this will be easier. They are four busy little bodies. I like to hear them interact as they figure out their new roles in our life.


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