Thursday, July 10, 2008

The Bigs and the Littles

It seeems as though our family has two different levels now. Brianna and Riley are one and Katie and Andy are the other. It has been quit a switch getting used to two that are almost two. I am amazed at what they get into that has never been discovered around here before! Riley and Brianna are doing good with the babies but you can see at times just how much they are annoyed by them. As for Katie and Andy they spent the day trying to mark their territories. Andy now wants to be held quit a bit in the day and to my surprise Katie still wants her time but has not thrown a fit about me holding her new brother. We took Andy to the dr last week for an initial checkup and he had an ear infection. The other kids have had what was classified a virus. We will head to Childrens on the 28th to go to the cleft clinic. I worry about the process and how Andy will do. We won't do anything until we are sure that he feeling very secure here which will take some time. I know it will be a hard and painful road and I hope that we will be able to do all we can to help him walk through that path. It has been interesting to see how really well he does with his cleft and just to see him eat so well. Our own kids haven't really said much about the cleft and they had seen and we have talked but I still thought this may come up. It has been a different story in public as I struggle to find the right words to tell children because really when I see Andy I see my son who is full of energy and life. That mixed with our love he is an amazing child just like the other 3. We know the cleft will be fixed but that is definitely not what defines him!


James, Dawn and Family said...

Hi, It's the Newsome's (AAC family). We've enjoyed your updates as we are just waiting for our invite to travel to get our little Lize (who has a cleft lip/pallet). We've spoken to several doctors and I think we could find encouragment for each other during the process our children will be going through. Give us an email some time.
God Bless!
The Newsome's

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