Monday, July 28, 2008

Trip to Zoo and Childrens Hospital

It was a busy weekend where we had fun and then took Andy to Children's Hospital to start our journey to correct his cleft and palate. We started out at the zoo this weekend. The kids all did well and had a great time. Wasn't TOO hot and we seemed to be able to see all those "important" animals. Today Brian and I took Andy to his first apt at the hospital. It is new location for Children's in Denver and what a beautiful hospital. You really don't ever feel like you are in a hospital. The day was filled with lots of visits from different doctors and different people to help us through. My mind is on overload as I try to sort this all out. I know the road may be long but hopefully we can just take it one step at a time . We have one more Dr to see in Sept and then Brian and I will make our decision about the doctor we chose. We will wait until Andy is really settled in our house before we proceed. So more than likely some time this winter we will start this next step in our journey. Andy did fairly well there considering it was nap time. Katie got to stay with one aunt and Grandma and Papa have the big kids. They are loving that!! We are so grateful for all those who help us!


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