Monday, July 14, 2008

2 weeks home

Andy has been home two weeks now. It is hard to believe it is not longer. He seems to be fitting right in. Lets me hold him a lot in the day. Even Katie seems to think it is okay now. Still totally almost with Brian when he is home. You can just see on his little face all the new things that we are doing or seeing for him. It is amazing to watch. The other kids are doing good. Katie has changed. Seems she grew up and yet she is his age. It makes me sad some to see how fast she changed but hopefully that means she will accept him. They sure fight like siblings so that must mean something!! Riley and Brianna are involved in their own world which often locks doors to keep out little fingers when the play. As for twins instantly is a constant motion. One of us did eat a little big of a play sponge today for instance in that two minutes I tried to cook something. They are so fast together!! It is all good. Try to post some pictures!!


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