Monday, July 21, 2008

Reality does eventually set in

I believe that for each of our 4 children there has been a sense of sheer excitement and then the reality of life that it can not last forever and your body must eventually come off that high. With Riley it set in after we realized that he did not sleep from the words "It's a boy", for Brianna reality was that I really did need to take care of two kids. When Katie came home we had waited so long, and I believed in the "silver" lining of adoption that I believe at times I forgot in reality she was a child just like our others with her own needs and desires. As for Andy I do believe we have been living on that "high" for the past three weeks and now after a steady all day pace reality is sinking in. I am not saying this is bad is just makes me think and feel how my body is doing with the four little ones and what will truly be involved in their upbringing. I do not feel we are not prepared just a little bewildered at this point. I love them all and is not a question of how much but more a question of how to sort out new roles and new jobs that need to be done. If people ever asked if I would recommend adopting a toddler I would with my whole heart say yes. I would say you will have your hands full but the days will pass and you will figure it out, at least I am thinking this will happen!! Just some thoughts. I spent a part of the weekend being worn out but now on Monday we are back to our cute and busy days!:)


Sharon said...

Well said! Hang in there!

Unknown said...

You amaze me! Please remember my offer to help with the older kiddos any time you want/need a break! You've been in my thoughts all summer and it's so fun to see all the cute pics. Thanks for sharing this journey with all of us.

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