Thursday, January 2, 2014

A little shy

As the holiday season comes to an end it was time to look through all those photos and choose some of my favorites.  This niece of mine made the top list for sure.  She is seven months now and is starting to get a little shy. 

Grandma's arms felt very secure compared to the cousins running all around.  In time this baby girl will be right with all of them. She is the queen of the house that is for sure with all the requests to hold, feed, and play with her. 

We have one more weekday of break. It has been good filled with  family and events. I do feel the need for routine again which will happen soon but we will love family time for just a couple more days! 

Little by Little


Kim Cunningham said...

She is beautiful. Love her shy eyes!

amy said...

Oh my...what a sweetie!! Love that first picture that draws you into her eyes. Know you have loved that special time with her and your family. We have a few more days too before getting back into the school routine. Wishing you a wonderful new year!! Blessings!!

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