Friday, January 24, 2014

Favorite Friday Photos- A little dramatic

I had started a new photography class with Lisa and I needed to take a few dramatic shots.  The minute Brianna heard this she told me this was something she could do. This young lady is very dramatic. She loves hard and has a strong will that mirrors my own.

I love these photos of her.  I love how they are simple yet show feelings. I think the best photos out there are the ones with raw emotion. Oh if I could only take those kinds of photos one day!

This was such a fun session with Bri. I see so much of me in her and sometimes that is good and other times it is not.  I love her through it all, I have a Mom who did that for me also. 

On to another weekend.  A sneak away with my sisters and Mom is in the near future! 

Have a great Friday night!

the long road


RaD said...

My daughter is the same way, people even say she looks a lot like me though, I think she looks a lot like her dad. He personality is so much like his too, but the way she thinks and processes is more like me.

You did great!

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